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Edit XML Documents with XmlEmend

If you have ever wanted a way to make a quick change to the structure of an XML file then take a look at this example by Andrew Mooney. XML Emend will allow you to edit both the structure and the data of an XML file using the ReadXml and WriteXml methods and the Table and Column properties of the System.Data.DataSet. XML Emend consists of two web pages. The first page one allows you to edit the tables and columns of an XML file. The second page allows you to edit the data contained in the tables of an XML file.

XML Emend can create a new XML file in the proper format or open an existing one. Existing files need to be in correct format. See the example XML file and instructions under View Source below. The download contains all of the files used in the online sample in both C#.NET and VB.NET. The online sample does not allow the editing or creating of XML files.

Teaches DataSet, Xml
Requirements .NET 1.1
Example: Click Here
View Source Code: Click Here
Download Code: Click Here


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