Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Mobile 5, Bluetooth GPS and Virtual Earth

I've been playing around a lot lately with a great set of components from that allow GPS functionality to be integrated into .NET applications.  The samples included with the GPS components were awesome and made it simple to do what I wanted (since they did most of the work for me).  I used the components to build a .NET Compact Framework V2 app for my Mobile 5 Pocket PC phone that could read data via bluetooth from a Pharos GPS device and upload it to a Web Service on a scheduled basis for logged in users.  While carpooling into work with my good buddy Spike Xavier I ran the application to get some test data to use.    The data is then mapped using pushpins and polylines using Microsoft's excellent Virtual Earth API.  All of the interaction with the backend Web Service is done using ASP.NET AJAX with JavaScript proxies and a little XML Script to hook it all together.  The application calls a Web Service that returns GPS users for display as well as longitudes and latitudes for selected users.  A screenshot of my trip into work a few days ago is shown below:

Here's another view using the Virtual Earth polyline functionality with pushpins for the start and stop points.  You can see where Spike and I met up for our morning carpool commute (where the green line veers off to the left).


I plan to create a screencast video of the sample project in the near future plus some other ASP.NET AJAX code I've been playing around with.  In the meantime, if you're interested in the source code for the mobile device application that talks with a bluetooth GPS device, the Web Service (and associated database) as well as the ASP.NET AJAX code that calls the Web Service and handles the mapping you can download it below.  You'll also find some additional ASP.NET AJAX demos in the zip file including:

  • Using the UpdatePanel with Triggers and the PageRequestManager
  • Calling Web Services using JavaScript proxies
  • Calling Web Services using XML Script


Teaches ASP.NET AJAX, Web Services, TableAdapters, Virtual Earth
Requirements .NET 2.0
Download Code: Click Here


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