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Tee-Times Web Service

The Tee-Times Web Service application allows golf courses and portal sites around the world to exchange data with each other in real-time. This means that golf courses throughout the world can update their tee-time schedules and have them accessed by golfers through different portal sites such as Yahoo, Excite, or MSN. Because the portal sites actually access the data through a Web Service, they can offer the tee-times scheduling service to their users while still having complete control over the presentation layer.

The downloadable code contains three parts. The server portion contains all of the code necessary to run the Web Service. The client portion shows a sample portal site integrating into the methods exposed by the Web Service. The SQL Server 2000 scripts for the database tables and stored procedures are also included. It should be fairly trivial to port these to SQL Server 7 although it hasn"t been tried.

Directions: After the PortalSite page pulls up, find the "Book a Tee-Time" section to the right of the screen. Enter an email address of and a password of xmlforasp. From there, you will be logged into the service and can then choose a state, course, and tee-time. All of the data is pulled from the Tee-Times Web Service. To demo the client, Click Here.

Teaches ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web Services, Various System.Xml Classes, C#
Requirements .NET 1.0
ASMX File: Click Here
Example: Click Here
Download Code: Click Here


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