Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Create ASP.NET Web Forms with FormBuilder.NET

Introducing FormBuilder.NET, a brand new 100% web-based product that allows anyone to create ASP.NET forms visually using Internet Explorer 6. With FormBuilder.NET anyone can create ASP.NET forms without any programming experience. The FormBuilder.NET form generator automatically creates the necessary VB.NET or C# programming code used in the ASP.NET Web forms. You never have to see or program a single line of code (although you can if you would like after the form code is generated)!

FormBuilder.NET highlights include:

  • Visual form design environment
  • Generate forms from existing SQL 7 or SQL 2000 database tables
  • Preview forms "live" as you build them
  • Validate end user input (custom Regular Expressions supported)
  • No product installation (IE6 or higher is required)
  • No programming experience needed!
  • Create multi-page, multi-faceted forms
  • Choose from a variety of FormBuilder.NET color themes
  • VB.NET and C# language support (switch between languages with just 1-click)
  • Supports ASP.NET code behind pages (non-code behind pages can also be generated)
  • Generated ASP.NET forms are sent directly to your inbox. You have access to ALL of the source-code for your forms to use on your .NET servers.
  • Right-click context menu access to FormBuilder.NET functionality

You choose how to handle form submissions. Choose from one of the following:

  • Send form results via email
  • Store form results as XML
  • Insert form results into one of the following databases:
    • SQL Server 2000
    • SQL Server 7
    • SQL Server 6.5
    • Access

Best of all, FormBuilder.NET is free for anyone to use! Whether you are new to .NET, a .NET programming expert, or not a programmer at all, you will be able to create ASP.NET forms quickly! To get started click the "Login" link above.

Here is what to look forward to from FormBuilder.NET in the future:

  • Turn your ASP.NET forms into ASP.NET Mobile Forms with just 1-click!
  • Automated reporting capabilities on form submission data

© 2002 Dan Wahlin (Wahlin Consulting)

Requirements .NET 1.0
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