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Creating Efficient User Interfaces with the Web Service Behavior

Web Services present an excellent way to exchange data between distributed systems. Because they rely on XML, this data exchange can occur between different programming languages and even different operating systems. However, Web Services can also play an important role even when distributed systems are not involved.

This sample application demonstrates how Web Services can be used in conjunction with the IE5+ Web Service behavior script to create friendlier and more efficient user interfaces. The application allows Intranet users to update, insert, and delete customer data without having to wait for pages to refresh. This gives them a more client/server type feel and makes them more productive (and happy).

Click the example link below to try out the application (IE5 or higher required). Click on different customer IDs and you will see how Web Services can make your applications quicker and easier to use.

Teaches Web Services, XML, ADO.NET
Requirements .NET 1.0
Web Service Behavior Docs: Click Here
Example: Click Here
View Source Code: Click Here
Download Code: Click Here


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