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Tying into the Web Service
Description recently released a Web Services toolkit that describes how to hook into their new Web Services to access data about books, movies, and just about any else they sell. The toolkit provides samples for Java and Perl but does not provide .NET examples.

This sample application provides a User Control that accepts a product ASIN/ISBN or author name. Once provided with this information the control automatically hits the Web Service, and displays the appropriate data. Simply place the supplied assembly (see the "Download Code" link) in your "bin" folder, drop in the User Control, and you are ready to use it. The source code also supplies a proxy to hit the service.

After accessing the Web Service, the User Control provides the following information:

  • Book Name/Author/ISBN
  • Book Image
  • Pricing Information
  • Availability and Sales Rank
  • Average Review Rating
  • Other books by main author
  • Latest Reviews including title, rating, and comments
  • Buy button to automatically place the book in an shopping cart

The control is currently being used to display book information on the XML for ASP.NET Developers homepage (click on a book image or on the "Books" link to see it in action).

Teaches Web Services
Requirements .NET 1.0
Example: Click Here
View Source Code: Click Here
Download Code: Click Here


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