Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Using the WSDK to Digitally Sign SOAP Messages

Microsoft recently released the Web Service Development Kit (WSDK) which opens an exciting new era in the world of Web Service development. Using WS-Security classes within the WSDK you can now authenticate Web Service users using X.509 certificates or username/password, digitally sign SOAP messages, and encrypt SOAP messages. In addition to these features, the WSDK allow you to route Web Service calls between different machines with WS-Routing and add SOAP attachments with DIME.

This sample application demonstrates how to authenticate users via username and password and digitally sign a SOAP message to ensure no tampering of the message occurred as it was sent to the Web Service. It includes a sample web.config file with the necessary WSDK entries, a sample class that implements the IPasswordProvider interface, a test proxy, and other code to show you this SOAP signing technique.

Teaches WS-Security, WSDK, Web Services, SOAP
Requirements .NET 1.0
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