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Integrating XML News Feeds into ASP.NET Pages

Much of the talk about XML now days tends to be focused around using it for data exchange between e-business applications. While it"s true that XML is well-suited for this purpose due to its ability to describe data and maintain its structure while being transferred between distributed systems, there are many other ways it can be used to enhance applications.

This sample application demonstrates one of these ways by showing how XML can be integrated into a website to provide users with news information. The application relies on different classes found in the .NET platform that are used to retrieve an XML news document, parse it, and generate headlines that are displayed in the browser using JavaScript and DHTML. All of this functionality is included in a User Control to make adding news headlines to ASP.NET pages a snap.

Teaches ASP.NET, C#, XML, WebRequest & WebResponse, XmlDocument, User Controls
Requirements .NET 1.0
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