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The XML for ASP.NET Developers Website now offers online video tutorials that help you learn XML and Web Service concepts visually. Videos are available in either Flash and/or Windows Media format.

Latest Code Bank Additions  (View All Examples)
Converting Flat-Files to XML using the XmlTextWriter
Although XML is in widespread use throughout the world now, there are still many "legacy" systems that do not know a thing about XML or how to use it. Many of these systems work with different types of flat-files that delimit data using co....  [More]
Inserting CDATA Sections into XML Generated by DataSets
In version 1.0 of .NET, DataSets do not provide an internal MappingType that allows element data to be wrapped with a CDATA section when XML is generated. This can present a problem when data pulled from the database contains reserved XML characters....  [More]

Latest .NET/XML Knowledge Base Articles
PRB: You Cannot Use XML Serialization on a Class with Declarative Security
Bug: XmlValidatingReader Ignores the Schema Nillable and the XML Nill Attributes
INFO: Interoperability of the .NET SignedXml Class with IBM XML Security Suite
PRB: Parsing XML Containing Invalid Character May Raise ArgumentException
WebCast: XML Serialization and Sample Code
PRB: Document Function in XSLT Style Sheet Does Not Raise a .NET Exception

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